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Traffic Exchange Sites

Traffic Exchange is not only a solid method of driving visitors to your sites, you can also attain increased exposure with it by letting others know about these programs. Visit sites of other people while they are doing the exact same thing with yours. Cool, huh? This here is a list of the most prestigious Traffic Exchange sites you can always count on when it comes to greeting unique visitors to your sites via your bestest. smile. ever.

P.S. : if you are thinking about adding Goodle Adsense ads to a site you are promoting through traffic exchange, then you should know that realizing this concept is a truly efficient method of getting banned from the Google Adsense program. So - DON'T.

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Using Google Adsense on Traffic Exchange sites

If you are an Adsense publisher, - and who is not? - then the idea of promoting Adsense ads through traffic exchange programs surely have crossed your mind, OR, it did indeed, but you denied it immediately. I was among the few and relatively ignorant who submitted sites with Adsense ads on them to traffic exchange services, with the well tamed hopes that the traffic generated by these programs will give a noticeable - meaning: immense/emence - boost to my Adsense earnings.

Gangster version: spicin' me Adsense rev up dudette, youffeelme dudette?

Then, one particular traffic exchange service was kind enough to warn me about adding Adsense to the sites, as Google does not exactly forbid the use of traffic exchange, but it is something they do not recommend you do. Slowly and surely, I pictured myself as the everyday average random online idiot who pulls the mustache of the Google tiger-beast and has little if any idea of this unfortunate pastime of his.

I made some thorough research - I typed in: will Google **** me up real bad if I use Adsense on traffic exchange programs? - and I came across relevant comments in forum posts with a massive amount of consensus opinion pointing to the profoundly silhouetted notion that traffic exchange and Google Adsense is a scarcely tolerated combo and may give your butt a blatant ban from the Adsense program in the long run, without any tale to get you to just-above your personal nervous breakdown level as an extra.

As result of the subsequent contemplation process which I am about to share herein, I took the Adsense ads off from the sites I run in traffic exchange programs. Why did I do that? Cowardice? Haha! Hardly! I took them off as result of respect towards the sweat and blood behind every single Adsense ad.

Let us remember that these ads are already payed for through the AdWords program and there is effort and money behind every single one of them. The idea behind the Adsense program is to deliver the proper ad for those who are searching for the services/commodities that particular ad promotes. Indeed, the competition is beyond vast and SEO - search engine optimization - is as subtle of an artform as is to frenchkiss a cobra via the way both the cobra and you find pleasure in it, or at least, this is what the Masters of SEO want you to believe. But, this does not mean that it is not true, true?

Anyway. If your sites are not yet qualified to compete for the massive masses, - did you feel redundancy? - then it is perfectly safe to state that your sites are not yet the sites a Google Adsense advertiser wants to be on. The everyday average traffic exchanger looks for the same commodity you are looking for, being another everyday average traffic exchanger like you: visitors. They are NOT looking for services and commodities, they are looking for visitors and they are ready to invest their TIME to accomplish that.

The temptation is present to give in for it, - as this is the function of temptation, you know? - yet one should realize that delivering Google Adsense ads via traffic exchange is nothing less than robbing Adsense advertisers out of their money, as an Adsense click that manifests in a site in traffic exchange, surely is the result of a "happy" accident: happy for you, but not so happy for the promoter of the ad, that is.

As such, my advice for you is this: refrain from delivering Google Adsense ads on sites you promote in traffic exchange programs, and here is why: as result of the aforementioned "happy" accidents, you may catch some extra bucks indeed, but you give zero respect for the mere-, naked effort and mere-, naked intent behind the ad during this process, yet giving this respect is what makes the Adsense program operational. Google is aware of this, one should have no doubt about that. If Google bans your Adsense account, you will lack a superb tool of profit generation when a future of vast perspectives - meaning: a casual site with ridiculously high traffic on it at your fingertips - asks for it.

Notice this: this blog offers Adsense ads, yet this blog is not promoted through traffic exchange sites, though promoting these sites is one of the key priorities of the blog itself. Talk about irony, huh!

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